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Outsourcing might be the best solution if you’re looking for a way to manage large amounts of data without overwhelming your staff with back-office work. Outsourcing your offline and online data services to a reputable outsourcing company such as Edusera Services Pvt Ltd can increase productivity and lower costs. It allows your staff to concentrate on the core tasks of your business and let us handle all the backend work.

We offer a variety of data entry formats and 99 per cent error-free delivery. Client satisfaction is achieved by exceeding client expectations. We offer data security and reliability, 24/7 support, a transparent atmosphere, professional and experienced teams, fast and on-time turnaround time, the best ROI (return on investment), and cost-effective services.

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Edusera Services Pvt Ltd

We believe great software is built with a great set of services. We offer a collaborative, measured, and business object-focused approach to increase your company’s overall maintenance.

Our Product Data Entry Services

Expertise in e-commerce. You should consider outsourcing your product data entry services, especially DATA-TAC if you’re a business entrepreneur. Our goal is to improve your online store. We can add new products to your existing catalogue, create unique descriptions and high-resolution images. We are responsible for your solid online presence.

Our Document Data Entry Services

We can offer a customized solution that is completely tailored to your needs. We are primarily focused on digitizing data, but we can also work with any other file type. Our experts are familiar with the following: law enforcement reports, survey results, program enrollment forms and bank forms like mortgage forms, CAF (Customer acquisition Forms).


Survey Forms Data Entry

Your company’s strengths and weaknesses can be measured using surveys or research forms. The solid conclusion is that offline surveys are more useful and responsive for data collection. However, most researchers have trouble digitizing forms and managing data. It is possible to outsource your backend research team and save time. Our services include data entry, logging, and document scanning.

Reports & Records Data Entry

Our experts have worked with many appraisal software and can easily learn the processes of any custom-built software.

  • Creating an MLS report
  • Information from an appraisal letter/order form/reports
  • Uploading a property map
  • Property tax records
  • Upload property photos
  • You can enter any property details into the off-line or online databases.

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