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Why We are considered as one the best DBM Company?

We provide several services to help you maintain and develop your database management software; we usually provide the database administrator, database technician, and software engineers and we work on  all the Database platforms such as MySQL (SQL), Cassandra (NoSQL), Oracle (SQL), and AWS (cloud)

Suppose your organization has several users who access and update the information in your database. In that case, Edusera Services Pvt Ltd could be the perfect company to provide these services for you.

Our Services

Edusera Services Pvt Ltd

We believe great software is built with a great set of services. We offer a collaborative, measured, and business object-focused approach to increase your company’s overall maintenance.

What we serve

We have a wide range of services they can offer to help you maintain, develop, and upgrade your database. Our database marketing services include database marketing and advertising, server marketing, website marketing, data-warehousing and recovery, data cleansing and repair, and database optimization. By providing all of these services, we can help your company make more money.

Our Database Management Software

Database management software works wonderfully for companies that have several users who require access to the same information. If you’re a business with several users and several departments, it’s less complicated to keep track of each of your users access from what departments. With a dedicated, managed server, you can set up permission-based groups so that different departments have limited access to certain information. Your database system will even let you specify which employees have read or write access to certain information.

We provide security at the application level

It is a very important factor, as the security of the underlying servers and applications will impact the level of access that your end users can have to your Databases. If you’re building a static site, then having a secure database management services provider is almost certainly going to be a top priority. If you’re building an application with several user interfaces, having a security system will be especially important.

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